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Venue Selection and Location

a) 4*/ 5* property with separate Conference Halls. Halls can accommodate additional Attendees, should there be a requirement for scaling above 150+. Giant sized Halls with capacity of over 500 available at different venues in big cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

b) All Conference Halls equipped with high quality branded A/V Equipment, Ergonomic Chairs and Innovative Podium designs.

c) A Venue close to city center will be accessible to other nearby Hotels in which the delegates choose to stay.

d) A Venue close to city center will be convenient for Attendees to go about last minute shopping or exploring the City.

e) All Conference Halls supported by all day WiFi connectivity.

f) Registration desk to also act as an Information point for all activities at the Conference..

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Budgeting your program to suit your budget and convenience is the most important aspect of the Conference. A Well planned budget can control any unexpected overheads as well as make projections for any scaling up.

Marketing Assistance / Promotional activities

We will work closely with Client to develop initial messages about the conference, developing the website for the conference, promotion materials for attendees, packages for potential sponsors, etc.

Vendor Management

a) Sets in order for all services to work in tandem to give the
Conference a glitch free run.
b) Food & Beverage, A/V Equipment, Gala Dinner, On-site Logistics, Hospitality, etc. to be managed with precision.


a) High quality A/V Equipment can help contribute to the “wow” factor to your meeting. A/V Equipment used is of Quality brands like Sharp/Hitachi/Samsung.

b) New meeting technologies can bring the experience and educational insights of your event to more people than can physically attend, or provide a wealth of content on demand to extend the life & scope of your conference.

c) Online real time updating on Conference Events & Faculties. Global participation can be encouraged via Social Site & Visual Recording & Intranet facilities.

d) All Conferences equipped with all day high speed WiFi Connectivity.

e) Office Equipment with Printers, Scanner & other supplies at
Registration Desks.

Networking (Face to Face)

a) Face to Face Networking is still the most trusted and result
oriented exercise in a Conference. It is one of the prime reasons
participants take part.

b) Spacious Lounge and discussions zones are provided for peer to peer interaction.

c) Should there be a requirement – Breakout rooms to be availed with flexible seating designs.

d) Speakers & Participants are encouraged to interact during post conference & Session breaks.

Food & Beverage

a) As the saying goes, an Army marches on its stomach. To make
working lunches more appetizing and energetic, special interest is given to culinary requirement.

b) Bottled water to be supplied to all Attendees.

c) Tea/Coffee breaks combined with local delights.

d) Gala Dinner with traditional Culinaries in an Exotic Ambiance.


a) Such a shame that more than 95% of respondents do not give high marks for Liaising & Commuting requirements. We take this responsibility very seriously.

b) Highly professional team to cover all logistics in terms of
helping Attendees shuttle between different venues.

c) Clean and Hygienic Hotels with high rating for your memorable stay and at reasonable rates.


a) Print material for Marketing / Promotion. Maps, Visitor Guides, Signages for Attendees’ convenience.
b) Innovative design Mementoes like the traditional Jaipur Pottery sample below:

Off-site Tour trips:

a) For post Conference tour requirements, Visiting Delegates can choose from the most comprehensive Rajasthan tour Itineraries with our sister concern Sruti Travels.

b) While Delegates are busy conferencing, spouses can choose from Sightseeing or Activity based tours of destination.

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